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At my working place:

Excursion to Flims - 14th September 2006

What visitors should expect April 2003
As it should not be JPEG 78 KB (very old story...)
Printer jam - 1st March 2005 - courtesy of Martin Gimersky
My boss - 16th October 2002
Myself working 9th october 2002
Myself looking into the camera 9th October 2002
Old pictures (about 1970 ?)courtesy of Istvan Lamoth
On the left Dr. George Guekos
on the right myself (no, not one of the Beatles!)

the 'Canterini Ticinesi' were a group for folk music of Ticino.(PostScript of a MS Word.doc file...)
I am in the right part of the picture ...looking somewhere else! (courtesy of Mario Costa)

Old style lecture: we can see one of my former colleagues Dr. M.Sanchez
during a lecture about transmission lines theory in the early seventies.

Snapshots one evening in September 2002 (courtesy of Matthias Fries):

snapshot of my colleagues taken by Matthias Fries in Sept/Oct 2002

Pictures taken October 17, 2002 with the 'sunforum' tool and a Sun 1394 camera