Martial Arts do not kill: wisdoms

"Budo means to stop war. Stop arms, stop war. So Budoka is a heihoka, a warrior is really a warrior of peace, or a man of peace. You have to be powerful enough to stop war, because if you`re weak you can`t stop war. And Budo has that yin and yang, it has that Tate to yoko no ito, izu no mitama to mizu no mitama. Yoko no ito means moon, feminine, water, love, the power of forgivness, the power of love. Tate no ito means sun, we talk about masculine, we talk about fire, we talk about the power of decision. That is the time when you don`t forgive, that is the power to cut."

"When somebody attacks with great evel, you reflect that and their greatness will come back at them. You are not God, but you become one with God and you allow God to be the judge of how that technique will come back at them. In other words, if somebody attacks me out on the street, I don`t think to my self, I`m going to get this guy and I`m going to kill him. I don`t think at all, I just react to his specific energy and I do what I have to do."

"I take a life or save a life, ultimately there is no difference. I would rather save a life. But if, for example, I was standing in the middle of the street and saw the night stalker slit someone`s throat and then he turned back to kill me; my action might be to terminate him."

"The benefits that one should reap in the martial arts have nothing to do with the color of a belt, they have to do with developing spiritual awareness, developing mental and emotional calm and strength and developing physical health and things like that."