recommended reading on IAIDO, budo, etc

The following book has not been readed by I got some positive comments, so I dare to list it here:
Rediscovering Bud˘ from a Swordsman┐s Perspective
Roald Knutsen
Global Oriental, Folkestone Kent UK 2004
ISBN 1-901903-61-3


Raymond Sosnowski
  Beikoku Rembukan Dojo, Severna Park, MD;
  Byakko Kyudojo, Lincoln, MA; Zenko [Kyudo] International, Boulder,
  Doshikai Kendo & Iaido Dojo, Acton, MA; Seidokai, U. of Guelph,

The best Kendo book available in English is
"Kendo: the Definitive Guide" by Mr. Hiroshi Ozawa (Kodansha, 1997).
Mr. Paul Budden's book:
"Looking at a Far Mountain: A Study of Kendo Kata" has just been reprinted, and is well worth the price.

KENDO KATA books (from G.S. Murray Threipland, 18 Jun 2002):

Whilst on the subject of books, I have just got hold of the latest ZNKR
offering, "Nippon Kendo Kata Instruction Manual".

The only other books in English I have seen that touch kata are the original
"Fundamental Kendo" (ZNKR), "Kendo: The Definitive Guide" by Ozawa Hiroshi
and of of course Paul Budden's "Looking at a Far Mountain".

This latest book is in softback form, and not only does it describe the
kata, but has sections such as "Points of View in the Examination of Kendo
Kata", and "Points of View in the Instruction of Kendo Kata" which I think
will be useful for students and teachers alike.

G.S. Murray Threipland
Treasurer British Kendo Association

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