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Welcome to the information page for our visitors


  1. Our address is: Zihlstrasse 17, 8340 Hinwil
  2. Google Map link with satellite view
  3. Phone numbers: will be provided to you, please remember to ask for
  4. Number 17 is the one just south-west of Leimgrubstrasse 2
    Please use Leimgrubstrasse 2 for your SatNav (GPS)
  5. We will provide food and drinks

If you are coming by car:

  • Limited parking spaces for visitors are in front of Leimgrubstrasse 2
    so, please use this address for your SatNav (GPS)
  • More parking for visitors near house no. 21, or at the village parking space
    the entrance of which is on the right at Dürntnerstrasse after the chemist and SPAR centre
    in the north-north-east direction of the road if coming from the station.
  • One can usually reach Hinwil on the motorway from Rapperswil
    or by taking the Forchstrasse or the Oberland Autobahn until Uster and
    from there through Aatal - Wetzikon to Hinwil.
    Please see overview map around Hinwil

If you are coming by train

  • Only the S14 reaches Hinwil! The best way from Zurich is to take
    the S5 at the main station or Stadelhofen (direction Rapperswil) and to change
    to the S14 in Wetzikon which waits just opposite at the same platform.
    HB: The S5 leaves usually on platform 43 (some time 44) every half-hour at --:25 and --:55
    Stadelhofen: The S5 leaves at --:28 and --:58
    The S5 arrives at Wetzikon at --:45 and --:15 respectively.
    The corresponding S14 arrives at Hinwil at --:52 and --:22 respectively.
  • From Zürich-Oerlikon you can take the S14 directly to Hinwil.
    For instance Oerlikon 10:48 --> Hinwil 11:22

  • It takes 7 mins from the station to our house.
  • Satellite view
    Map between station and home
    From Hinwil station go straight ahead (North-East) up Bahnhofstrasse past the Post Office.
    Cross Düntnerstrasse at the pedestrian crossing then go straiht on down Alte Zihlstrasse
    past the Mediothek on the right. (do NOT follow the Bachtelstrasse)
    There is a sign post Friedhof showing the right direction (smile).
    Cross the train line and contine in the same direction until you reach Zihlstrasse.
    Turn left into Zihlstrasse and continue (north-east toward the Bachtel) to No. 17.
  • Google Map link with satellite view

List of the available PDF files mentioned above

Overview of the city of Hinwil
Enlarged picture of the city of Hinwil
Between station and our house
Parking spaces for visitors are in front of Leimgrubstrasse 2
so, please use this address for your SatNav (GPS)